If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the picture right. -Leroy Hood

Lynch, through his book Image of the City, gave us hint how our mind captures the city  even the most complicated urban fabric. These are the paths, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks. Through these five methods, we are able to form a mental map gradually filling out the detail of information as we get to know the place. That brings our knowledge either ‘familiar’ with the place or otherwise, ‘newbie’. Every interesting person or topic has its story, and so are streets, buildings, even trends and projections present a story consistent to all the circumstances in every element of matter in our physical and abstract world. These is an ensemble of an all-star cast in a very interesting story.

These stories are gold, hidden, and therefore needed to be tapped to understand the true wonder in the relationship of man and its environment. When man interacts with nature, they form natural resources and habitat. When they interact and communicate with each other, they create society. When they interact with themselves, they understand what they really need. Every interaction gives us a bigger picture from what used to be from the smallest detail of every structure in the fabric. This blog aims to unravel the story of interaction between man and his environment. Through it, we will see the bigger picture in every focus area that we immerse to.

Urban Planner by day
Blogger by night
Observant all the time